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The other advantage of using JVZoo as an advertiser is that, they allow what is called "Dime Sale". Dime Sale is where the price of an item rises up after a certain number of sales. So, if you are thinking of buying a product using the JVZoo the best thing is to make sure you purchase the product immediately it is launched to avoid the rising price. JvZoo Affiliate Partner Program Review JVZoo is an affiliate partner program or a mini marketplace, where you can search for products to promote or to sell. However, in JVZoo you cannot go straight and start promoting any product that you find in the market place, you have to wait for the seller's approval. The approval process is usually very fast and it only takes like one minute to get approved. Once you have been approved, you can now start promoting the product. How to Earn Money with JVZoo First you will need to sign up for a free affiliate account.You can sign up here:


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